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Bringing internet connectivity and creating workforce development opportunities to under-resourced communities of color living in low-income multifamily and public housing that is free to residents. 


The Internet can connect people easily to valuable resources. The folks who could benefit from greater access to resources, under resourced communities of color, are disproportionately not connected to the internet at home. They need it!


NetRising will access governmental and philanthropic funding to bring to bring gigabit bulk internet to low-income multifamily and public housing buildings to provide managed Wi-Fi to residents free of charge. We will leverage the installation and maintenance of these networks to provide skills development and workforce opportunities to community members.


NetRising is implementing a demonstration project with housing partner Neighborhood Development Company, a premier affordable housing developer in Washington DC., to install networks in 3 affordable housing buildings located in Ward 8 and Ward 5 comprising 168 units, utilizing industry-leading equipment and technology ensuring residents receive high-quality broadband speeds in their homes.


NetRising is a District of Columbia based, woman, and minority-led nonprofit organization led by Donna Rattley Washington. Washington is a telecommunications veteran and digital divide advocate.  Washington has excelled in a 20-year leadership journey spanning telecommunications law, local, state, and federal government affairs, management, operations and advocacy. 

Washington is partnering with industry experts including Neighborhood Development and Byte Back.

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